And this one did not collapse…

And this one did not collapse…

But this one did …

The professional integrity of architects is being called into question as the truth of the 9/11 Demolitions unravels. Making an honest stand sooner will be all to the New Zealand’s Institute for Architects (NZIA) professionals credit. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

I believed what I was told. i.e. the Steel structures spontaneous failed due to fire in a gravitational collapse, but last year when I checked this assertion I found it to be flawed. This same revelation is now flying around professional circles in Wellington. Silence is an untenable position for New Zealand’s Architects to maintain with the reputations now in question.


About Wellington News

I found out what we viscerally all new all along when we saw the twin towers blowing up in front of our eyes. It just took a number of years to admit it. And a few more thinking about it before talking about. And now I find every one else is too.
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