“History Boys” films that corrupt

My conciseness used to be sucked up by a good film, drawn in the vortex of sounds, and moving images, spun around by the maelstrom of the story, but nowadays after being becoming aware that movies are one off the most ubiquitous tools of idea control, I now rarely sit back and simply watch them. Instead I simultaneously enjoy meta analysing them, and try to spot the memes that have been dropped in to trammel our thoughts into the New World Order’s way of thinking.

For instance in the film “History Boys”, a group of boys from a Yorkshire Grammar school have a chance of making it into Oxford or Cambridge university. The film humorously follows the last 3 months of their preparations, for which the head of the school hires an Oxford graduate to help. In then end all of the group are selected one way or another.

On the film’s plus sides, it did show that learning can be fun an interesting with an inspiring knowledgeable teacher, but nevertheless the main ideas put across by the film were less savoury:

* lying is good. The best way to get into the elite establishments is to be a smooth lier of invented truths,
* the war dead should not be honoured,
* being gay or bi-sexual is preferred,
* repay your teachers with sexual favours,
* churches are empty places where no one goes.

And for post analyst of the result of an academic education for the boys the film offered:

* the boy that did go to church became a soldier and was killed,
* the bi-sexual became incredibly rich,
* the gay boy become a teacher (but alleged he resisted his temptation with the pupils),
* the only working class boy, whom got in through contacts, became a carpet layer and had lots of fucks from housewives,
* the black boy became a lawyer,
* the Muslim lad a headmaster,
* and the supply teacher that taught the lads to lie proficiently moved into the broadcasting industry.

All in all great values for the aspiring elite of England and the world to emulate. Please note the sarcasm.

When you next watch a film, don’t just lap it up, instead stop and think a while upon the values, meanings and memes that underly the film.

A random comment about the film posted on YouTube:

“One of the most amazing, life affirming movies that I’ve seen in my life..”
IrishKisame007 1 month ago

I really wonder in IrishKisme007 really understood the ideals espoused in the film that there were watching ? I doubt it.


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I found out what we viscerally all new all along when we saw the twin towers blowing up in front of our eyes. It just took a number of years to admit it. And a few more thinking about it before talking about. And now I find every one else is too.
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