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18th century Edmund Burke: liberty, islamism, and New World Order

The eighteenth-century Anglo-Irish orator and political thinker Edmund Burke gave the classic formulation of a rival philosophy of liberty when he argued that the unparalleled rights and liberties enjoyed by the English people of his time were not the result … Continue reading

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Kiwi 911 Truth Booklet

Pictures are sometimes worth more than words, and these pictures are presented in a clear manor, such that anyone whom is interested about what heralded the start of the “War on Terror” would benefit from taking a look. 911 Truth … Continue reading

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The war on freedom

Our freedom is under attack. Even your freedom to read these words may soon be denied – all in the name of fighting terrorism, or crime, or drugs, or pollution of the environment. The greatest tragedy of our modern age … Continue reading

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Italian EU Parliament Member Assaulted at Bilderberg

Breaking News: Italian EU Parliament Member Assaulted at Bilderberg, Switzerland News is just breaking in the U.S. of the assault on EU Parliament member Mario Borghezio. The story is being obfuscated in the U.S. media, it’s the equivalent of a … Continue reading

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