Italian EU Parliament Member Assaulted at Bilderberg

Breaking News: Italian EU Parliament Member Assaulted at Bilderberg, Switzerland News is just breaking in the U.S. of the assault on EU Parliament member Mario Borghezio. The story is being obfuscated in the U.S. media, it’s the equivalent of a U.S. member of Congress being assaulted, and not reported upon, but the blackout cannot be continued. Members of the Switz Parliament are currently both present, and on the way, to St. Moritz, the location of the meeting, and plan to vocally express their opposition to the meeting..

When the dam-busters dropped their bouncing bomb it settled at the bottom of a dam before exploding, cracking the dam and spilling torrents of water downstream. The assault on Mario Borghezio is the bouncing bomb. The next day Dominique Baettig “We Are Change” Switzerland MPs marched on the Bilderberg group meeting,  along with “Info Wars” journalists and other peaceful concerned demonstrators.  The dam-buster bomb sinks, will it explode all across the main-stream media tomorrow?

The chancellor exchequer  of Great Britain is confirmed as being there. It is an absolute disgrace. Royalty, fortune 500 hundreds men of fortune, have remained hidden before – only because the main stream controlled media has written articles that have denied the existence of this group, but now after the assaults and the brave Swiss MPS, they are going to be exposed, along with all their power control machinations.

For the first time ever two Chinese representatives are attending (a top financier and a government minister), maybe there is a major crisis going on with the world economy right now, that is much larger and graver than anyone is letting on.


About Wellington News

I found out what we viscerally all new all along when we saw the twin towers blowing up in front of our eyes. It just took a number of years to admit it. And a few more thinking about it before talking about. And now I find every one else is too.
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2 Responses to Italian EU Parliament Member Assaulted at Bilderberg

  1. skyler says:

    I find it disgrqceful that the american media ignores the existence of this group and all their atrocities. I mean ive been critizised multiple times in the past 24 hrs for bringing it up and talking about how the swiss are protesting there meetings. Americans truely are the blindest people on this earth as of today, not because we want to be, but because not a single one of us is told the truth by mainstream media and most of us Americans believe everything we see on TV. The ideals these people are holding onto including having a good and truthful government just isn’t true anymore. Our elite cares less and less of the poor everyday and our own beloved politicians are now joining the Buildenburg group. Hillary Clinton is going for head of the world bank…. Come on people shes been against the world bank and the destruction of the 3rd world. What besides money and power could drive these people to forget about the supporters who made them so powerful? Nothing except that they’ve played us for years and truely could care less about us. Wake up people, the world is ending as we know it and will soon be owned by the top 1% of Earth unless we protest and fight back, just like the swiss and italian parliment. Stop believing Tom and Glen, these people are real and they want to take over the world. They’ve been planning for centuries to take over the world. They own mainstream media companies and therefore control what YOU see on TV. Again WAKE UP PEOPLE. If we don’t join the resistance now we will lose everything our ancestors fought for just so Bill gates and the Rockefellers can ensure they stay filthy rich forever. Last comment. These people are starting these Arab revolutions and wars because, and this was quoted by a swedish parliment official who is in contact with a mole within Buildenburg, quote “Their are too many Arabs anyway, we stage a revolution, put a puppet leader in, and watch as the country destroys itself as we take all useful resources.” These people are sick elitist racist fucks, they are real and they want you to be poor and helpless so your easier to control. Research it and please god don’t get scared when MSNBC says its a conspiracy and your insane if you believe it. Your insane not to at this point, revolutions are happening in Spain and Switzerland and are you going to really believe MSNBC over two whole countries and thousands of European Union Parliment Officials who are calling for the arrest and systematic destruction of this group? Decide for yourself. These are the only alternative media sources from america who i believe we can trust to tell us the truth.

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