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Ultra clear WTC 7 collapse/demolition video

Below is a very clear and crisp you tube clip of WTC7 collapsing. Look closely at the roofline as it implodes inwards and all the windows popping out. Looks like the inner core columns are removed first then the outer … Continue reading

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Make your own 9/11 and Tower 7 paper model

There is nothing better to understand the enormity of the 9/11 buildings than to make your own scale model towers yourself.

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Boycott spying Murdoch


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Defending the Right Honourable Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

You know when someone wins an argument, it obvious, the opponents instead of continuing to argue their case they instead attempt to shut their antagonist up. As reported on info-wars: “The House of Lords is attempting to remove Lord … Continue reading

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The end of the 9/11 fairy story leads to some conclusions

I have serious doubts with the 9/11 official story do you? The feeling is like being a kid all over again, having just found out that your dad whilst dressed up as Father Christmas carefully placed Christmas presents under your … Continue reading

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An English Lord to speak climate truth in Wellington

Similarily to 9/11 New Zealand’s Climate Realists have an issue with Truth. Only it is not as explosive as 9/11, but nevertheless there is demolition involved, only this time Lord Monckton does does the “pulling” on the Al Gore’s global … Continue reading

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Problems and Solutions

Problems The three big problems are: growth of Government corruption in Governments apathy. Have you ever noticed that as the powers of Governments grow, your freedoms decrease? For the Governments to inflate themselves, all they have to do is say … Continue reading

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