Emdemic in Britain, by stealth in Australia, coming to NZ?

Many Australian’s believe that the issue of sharia in their country is not as urgent as it is in Britain and other parts of Europe. But others are worried — they see “stealth sharia” as an immediate and pressing problem.

Sharia By Stealth Australia http://www.mrctv.org/embed/103547

No one worries about it in New Zealand, but all were said to hang our head in shame last week, instead of holding them up high, when a bus driver felt intimidated by a masked Muslim.

New New Zealander Why does the press promote these feelings? Because shaming and making one feel guilty has been used successfully used in Britain, and across Europe by the mass media controllers to soften up and to shut up the respective populations with yet further Political Correctness as Muslim populations grow more noticeably.


About Wellington News

I found out what we viscerally all new all along when we saw the twin towers blowing up in front of our eyes. It just took a number of years to admit it. And a few more thinking about it before talking about. And now I find every one else is too.
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