Problems and Solutions


The three big problems are:

    1. growth of Government
    2. corruption in Governments
    3. apathy.

Have you ever noticed that as the powers of Governments grow, your freedoms decrease? For the Governments to inflate themselves, all they have to do is say that they are helping you, protecting you, smoothing out the bumps in life. Which is all very seductive, a winner in fact, until you notice that you are no longer free to do what you want, but are in fact chained down like King Kong the Gorilla in a zoo. And just as when King Kong broke his seemingly unbreakable adamantine chains he was shot down; this fate  seemingly awaiting anyone whom speaks out against any of the PC (Politically Correct) or rather Politically Corrupting ideas pushed by that ever expanding international governments that runs your country from afar. However the fear of speaking out is not necessarily founded. The Internet-Reformation is showing how millions of individuals are using blogs, you-tube, social media, e-mail, and comments to overcome the media blackout of truth and carefully constructed memes that have erstwhile clouded our clear thinking minds.

By unraveling the most obvious subversions, by diligently examining evidence, and concluding that there are indeed real conspirators that are not only guilty of murdering thousands; one sadly concludes that these international conspirators are causing war and strife around the globe and further that they are also busily engaged in a long term war on  you as well for: your money, your culture, your freedoms, and even your family life.

There is a common denominator that defines all the conspirators around the world, and that is socialism. They may be National Socialists aka Nazi Germany, or Communist, or Social Democrats, or Reds, or even Wolves in Sheep’s clothings, as Tony Blare was. But they all want the same thing; that is to create BIG government, a really BIG government of gargantuan size and power, a “New World Order” is what they call it;  that coerces you into following their rules with laws, by force and by stealing your money through excessive and stealthy TAX, or insidiously through devaluing your savings and earnings, or more devastatingly by bankrupting you and taking the deeds of your house.

Apathy is the socialists best friend, and they know it, which is why we have engineered the press and the media to bombarded us with ideas, memes, and distractions that act as a soporific to put us in a stupor that saps our very energy and intelligence.


Three simple steps to take

  1. stop being apathetic
  2. make a plan
  3. take action.

To stop being apathetic, you simply have to do something, anything that your are capable of to help make a difference. Just don’t roll over. It might just be to speak up and say your mind, to blog, to write letters, to read, to become informed, or to complain. But to be honest our Big Brother really does not care about any of these, as they don’t harm him a jot. He just loves you to stay in the virtual world – like me tonight – but what he does not like you to do is to get out into the real world. Now that is doing something, and doing it with real people, fellow citizens. So if you really want to brake out of an apathetic stupor you have to do it with real people in the real world.

But what about a plan?

For this we need to know what we want to do. Without going into specific policies the big picture idea is that we want to change the rules.

Who can change the rules?

That is easy to answer, people in power.

Then if we want to change the rules, then we the freedom loving people need to get into power ourselves, for asking the present rulers to do so will lead no where.

Knowing what to do is a great start, and it will take time to work out, however there is a heavy blow that can be made quickly at the next elections time by voting, but not for either of the two main parties that are really two faces of the same coin; instead vote for the small independents – their enemies. Remember for a moment what the media keeps saying if you are fed up, disgruntled by the current political system. They say “don’t vote” and no wonder, for if you vote for their enemies the independent parties they lose some and eventually all their power.

Three parties that are know of in New Zealand which do not hold to the global warming/ETS/carbon zero mantra:

  • Act, Kiwi Party and Libertarianz

About Wellington News

I found out what we viscerally all new all along when we saw the twin towers blowing up in front of our eyes. It just took a number of years to admit it. And a few more thinking about it before talking about. And now I find every one else is too.
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