An English Lord to speak climate truth in Wellington

Similarily to 9/11 New Zealand’s Climate Realists have an issue with Truth. Only it is not as explosive as 9/11, but nevertheless there is demolition involved, only this time Lord Monckton does does the “pulling” on the Al Gore’s global warming false scientific claims that our government uses to implement the ETS TAX on you.

I have forgotten just how good English humor can be, Lord Monckton’s video of his Sydney speeches entertained and informed me in one sitting. (see videos bellow)

With some luck we shall be able to see Lord Monckton is person in Wellington soon, but for now enjoy the Sydney video.

From Climate Realists New Zealand             

“First of all let’s give Christopher his full title, he is Viscount Monckton, something a little higher on the peerage scale that life peers, etc. He is probably the world’s most aristocratic climate skeptic – but more than that he is one of the world’s most articulate exponents of the real science of natural climate change and the need by the world’s people, animals and plants, for the life-giving carbon dioxide that is labelled by ignoramuses as a pollutant. He has a brilliant analytical mind, no wonder he was selected at a young age by Margaret Thatcher as one of her key advisers. I commend a look at these YouTube presentations of Monckton’s Sydney address earlier this week (if you’re pressed for time, I recommend Part 2): ”

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:


About Wellington News

I found out what we viscerally all new all along when we saw the twin towers blowing up in front of our eyes. It just took a number of years to admit it. And a few more thinking about it before talking about. And now I find every one else is too.
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