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Cambridge Pressure Group

As the financial supremacists carry on with their attempted theft of the wealth of the citizens of the world, pockets of both resistance and awareness are popping up, like the effervescence that occurs as a fizzy drinks bottle is opened, … Continue reading

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And this did not fall down in Tottenham either

Notice the flames licking the insides of this steel framed building in Tottenham, London. But guess what happened afterwards ….

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Lord Christopher Monckton @ PRNIZ Wellington 2011

It is a great shame that PRNIZ applied Chatham House Rules to their hosting of Lord Christopher Monckton`s speech yesterday, as that means I cannot provide you a link to a video of the event, or write about what went … Continue reading

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9..11 Sep:Finding Truth under the Fisherman’s Table Restaurant

The Fisherman’s Table Restaurant along Oriental Parade in Wellington provides great value meals, with great views and at a very reasonable price too. The restaurant is very well known and a favourite with many Wellingtonians and tourists alike. Whilst eating … Continue reading

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PRINZ apply Chatham House Rules to keep Monckton’s talk out of the news

What pressure has been applied to PRINZ to cause them to make tomorrows lunchtime talk in by Lord  Monckton’s in Wellington to be held under Chatham House Rules – no reporting, no recording? Update: A good report of Lord Christopher … Continue reading

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Central Wellington Library – quietly censored?

How do the power control freaks control? For most of us at present it is not through threats of violence. Nor is it by way of offered large gob stopping bribes, or lucrative positions. It is done more subtly through … Continue reading

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