And this did not fall down in Tottenham either

Notice the flames licking the insides of this steel framed building in Tottenham, London. But guess what happened afterwards ….

Nothing, as steel frame buildings DO NOT COLLAPSE – unlike the social fabric of the area rich in multicultural diversity but now short of English restraint.

Analysis of the language spoken at home by the population of Notting Hill in 2006: Overall, 55.4% of the population spoke English only, and 38.5% spoke a non-English language. And in 2011 what ever was spoken it was not love and peace.

More analysis later but first…

 What happened 

BREAKING NEWS: The Police were ordered to stand down whilst these events escalated, until the public start to beg for heavy handed protection.

London Burning after three days of race riots

Police attacked as rioting spreads

As fire hoses continue pumping water onto smouldering buildings in Tottenham, emergency services have been dealing with disturbances across London as fresh bouts of rioting and looting have broken out across the capital.

Police officers were being deployed to respond to “copycat criminal activity” across the capital.

Disturbances erupted on Sunday in several boroughs in North, South and East London, with reports of trouble in Brixton, Enfield, Walthamstow and Islington.

Three officers were taken to hospital after being hit by a fast-moving vehicle at 12.45 a.m. on Monday, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said. The officers had been in the process of making arrests in Chingford Mount, Waltham Forest, after a shop was looted by youths.
Meanwhile, a fight broke out when rival gangs attended King’s College Hospital after two victims of minor stabbings were admitted, police said.

The hospital has brought in extra security for the rest of the night and officers remain on scene dealing with the initial stabbings, the spokesman added.

Six fire engines were dispatched to deal with a blaze at a Foot Locker shop in Brixton, south London, and witnesses saw riot police clash with looters at a Currys store nearby.

“A couple of hundred youths were rioting and looting. Riot police went in to get them out and there was a big fight in the street. Youths were throwing rocks and bottles and there was a bin on fire. They used a fire extinguisher to push the police back so they could get back into Currys and continue taking things out.”

Elsewhere, more than 30 ethnic youths, many in masks, vandalised and looted shops in Walthamstow Central, including BHS. “Officers attended the area, and the situation is currently under control. Groups of youths are continuing to target shops in Waltham Forest, and officers are on scene,” the spokesman said.

Police Commander Christine Jones said: “Officers responding to sporadic disorder in a number of boroughs made more than 100 arrests throughout last night and early this morning. This is in addition to the 61 arrests made on Saturday night and Sunday morning.”
She went on: “Officers are shocked at the outrageous level of violence directed against them. At least nine officers were injured overnight in addition to the 26 injured on Saturday night. We will not tolerate this disgraceful violence. The investigation continues to bring these criminals to justice.”


As the different cultures are being celebrated in England, each gets its own ethnic funding pots – each stakes claim to its own little corner of England, their own ethnic meeting rooms, their own ethnic shops, their own ethnic clubs, their own ethnic music, and their own ethnic gangs become a natural result. (Note some ethnic groups form more criminal ethnic gangs than others – and some form gangs along religious divides)

The Bilderberg financial-supremacist elite through the European Union has been running and organising the ever increasing flow of non EU citizens, like oil and promoting the funds to ensure that they do not mix with the water like cool, calm, friendly and welcoming European people.

Over the past three days in London it is these pools of ethnic oil that has been self igniting and flaring up in little sporadic outburst.  But it is doubtful that that level of violence is enough for the Bilderberg financial-supremacist elite as they will want further and larger conflagration to take place, to be their raison d’état for introducing European wide police and martial crack downs.

Alternatively the funding an encouraging rather than being the deliberate machinations of the EU leaders, it could all just be an innocent mistake – just as David Cameron admitted when he said that multicultralism has failed – which is true.  Now that a mistake has been identified action needs to be taken not to perpetuate the mistake until it brings down a country or two, or three. i.e. cease large scale immigration flows that mix up a countries ethnic or religious make up in less than a generation.


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I found out what we viscerally all new all along when we saw the twin towers blowing up in front of our eyes. It just took a number of years to admit it. And a few more thinking about it before talking about. And now I find every one else is too.
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