Building 7 and Twin Towers site map

Building 7, Twin Towers site map


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I found out what we viscerally all new all along when we saw the twin towers blowing up in front of our eyes. It just took a number of years to admit it. And a few more thinking about it before talking about. And now I find every one else is too.
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3 Responses to Building 7 and Twin Towers site map

  1. Abandon TV says:

    Amazing photos.

    Did you know WTC7 created a seismic signal of just 0.3 on the richter scale? This is equivalent to maybe a 2 or 4 story building collapsing and hitting the ground and not a 47 story building weighing 230,000 tons!

    Some of the local seismic recording stations couldn’t even detect any discernible signal for WTC7 above background noise.

    The seismic signals for WTC 1 and 2 were also very small – equivalent to maybe 30 story buildings hitting the ground (not 110 stories weighing 500,000 tons each). They signals also lacked S and P waves and only contained surface waves.

    And we know that 14 people survived inside ‘Stairwell B’ inside the North Tower (WTC1). Stairwell B was situated within the core structure of WTC1. The 47 core columns were made with 5″ thick steel near the base of the towers (where the 14 people were trapped).

    Think about that for a moment.

    If thermite or explosives had severed those core columns at the base of the towers those 14 people would have been incinerated by thermite and molten steel flying about – or just blown to kingdom come by explosives (or both). I mean, the whole point of the controlled demolition theory is that thermite or explosives was used to destroy the colossal structure of the towers – how can they destroy the towers without destroying fragile humans trapped inside? Are people more resilient than 5″ thick steel box columns?

    Also a collapse of WTC1 would have crushed and buried those 14 people regardless of whether the collapse was caused by CD or jet fuel. Each floor weighed 4500 tons and was an acre in size. Just 10 or 5 or 3 floors collapsing down would have squished them…. there were 110 floors in total.

    But the 14 survivors were not crushed or buried – some of them even crawled out by themselves. (see link above)

    Also a big part of the controlled demolition theory is to do with molten metal in the basements and a rubble pile which was thousands of degrees for weeks. If the debris had been thousands of degrees the water which the firemen sprayed on it would have caused steam explosions (like spraying water on a giant barbecue). There were no steam explosions.

    If there had been ‘rivers of molten metal’ in the basements this would have cooled to form a giant ‘plug’ of solid metal with loads of junk welded in it. This would have been extremely difficult to cut up and remove. But no cooled ‘blob’ of once molten metal was ever found at ground zero.

    Also there was no significant rubble pile. Even a controlled demo can’t turn a building to dust.

    Thermite is hot stuff (and bright too). Yet the enormous dust cloud which covered people from head to toe did not burn anyone. Some people said it was ‘warm’ some said it was ‘cool’ – no one said it was scalding hot. No one was burned and some of the trees still had leaves on them.

    Thermite is also used to incinerate paper. In the war if a command centre was about to be captured by the enemy they would set off thermite just as they were escaping so that all the secret documents and plans would be incinerated. Yet on 9/11 there was unburned paper *everywhere*.

    Let’s imagine 47 core columns and 240 perimeter columns were sliced by thermite to bring the towers down. Even assuming thermite was used for only 1 in every 5 floors that’s still over 6000 thermite reactions hot enough to melt inches thick steel columns almost instantly……. and yet we see from all the videos that no light or heat was produced.

    A sparkler (the stick we wave about at fireworks events) is basically a mini thermite reaction. If the twin towers had indeed been destroyed by thermite they should’ve looked like giant sparklers 1300 feet tall. They would have incinerated (and blinded) half of lower Manhattan! Yet no one was burned – not even people trapped right inside the core at the base! No bright light was produced at any point during the rapid destruction of the towers.

    Look at this picture of the falling steel. The lower piece’s inside face is towards the camera. There is no concrete or dry wall attached – just bare steel. The thick trail of dust has to be coming from the steel itself. Thermite does not do this! (and there is no heat or light visible anyway).

    The towers turned to dust in mid air. That is why they did not create a seismic impact. That is why there is no rubble. That is why there was an enormous dust cloud which blocked out 100% of the sun for several minutes. That is why those 14 people survived without being squished or buried.

    Thermite / controlled demolition is a theory which is NOT supported by even the most basic the physical evidence.

    The main promoters of the thermite theory are aware of this evidence, yet they refuse to discuss it. In fact they even censor and ban people who try to discuss it.

  2. MikeW says:

    Do you think that you are helping to bring the perpetrators of this horrific crime to justice? Or do you get some enjoyment challenging professional engineers, architects and scientists? Until there is a proper scientific evidence based investigation, none of us will really know exactly how the 3 buildings were demolished. But one thing is for sure – Osama bin Laden and the ‘suicidal Muslims’ did not demolish those buildings..

    • i) Yes. All sites that reveal the 9/11 as a False Flag and part of a wider directed history are helping.
      ii) I have presented evidence to many professorial, including engineers, architects, and scientists, whom then usual for the first time form their own opinions about 9/11. I don’t like doing it, I would prefer to live in a safer world and play with my kids instead. However the evidence is there, and astute individuals can easily spot the lies when the fear of confronting it is overcome or overwhelmed.
      iii) You are certainly correct in that Osama Bin Laden did not demolish the buildings. The problem for all of us is who did has not met justice yet.

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