MH370 Conspiracy has one of the same signature as 9/11

The article below from Daily Reckoning is significant for two reasons:

1) In five years of my reading them, its the first direct admittance that the 9/11 “story” has a hole in it (this time a financial hole) – which this site does not cover (yet).

2) Many, many independent thinkers are having doubts about the whole confusing farrago surrounding the Malaysian Flight MH370 narrative.  The DR’s article is the first proof that there really is something suspicious other than media fingerprints.

and can you spot the one misleading factoid in the article?

Did Someone Know about Flight 370 before it Disappeared?
By Phil Anderson

As regards economics and markets, and when events happen around the world, one of the best things you can do is always go back to the chart, if one exists. Charts tell a story. 

And if you’ve ever seen many of the examples the great trader WD Gann gives in all his books, there is one thing you will learn. And it’s the only thing that surprises a market is an earthquake. Markets know things before it is public news — always.

This is why we traders buy breaks across new highs, or short-sell breaks into new lows, especially along a line up of past tops (or bottoms). When a share breaks into new highs, let me tell you, the market knows good news is coming. If the company has earnings, such breaks will generally run for some time and persist often for years.

So have a look at the Malaysian Airline System (MAS) charts, listed on the Malaysian stock exchange. I’ve taken one from Bloomberg and the other Yahoo.

a b

click images to enlarge

Now MAS has been in a downtrend since the best part of 2008, and fell 18% after flight 370 went missing, March 9th. But you can see a clear break into all time new lows, Feb 19th, on substantially increased volume. In other words, markets discounting future news. The actual event itself was the low.

I find that quite significant. To give you an idea I can show you similar charts in September 2001. Somebody(s) knew 9/11 was coming as well, enough to affect the relevant parts of the markets involved.

Here’s just two examples…

a b

click images to enlarge

The chart of MAS indicates the possibility of a prior knowledge of events to come as regards Malaysia Airline Systems; more will come out about it in due course.

We may never get to the bottom of it though, because this would involve the release of sensitive military data from one (hostile) nation to another, and this is never going to happen. Plus there will be reputations to protect.

And Malaysia is not particularly a bastion of openness. Regardless, watch developments; they will unfold in set counts from the date of the flight disappearance, March 9th, and probably the MAS chart itself.

When things happen, get into the habit of consulting your charts. You must learn how to read a chart; you will find it a very useful skill.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to reveal more on this. Stay tuned.


Phil Anderson
for The Daily Reckoning Australia  

And Malaysia is not particularly a bastion of openness.  sort of wrong – they are quite friendly on the inside to USA military: a quick read here will help you understand.

I considered titling my talk today: “Malaysia-U.S. Defense Cooperation: The Untold Story.” The reason is that for many years U.S. and Malaysian forces have cooperated on a wide range of missions with virtually no fanfare or public acknowledgement. And in spite of its success, our bilateral defense relationship seems to be an all too well-kept secret.

“not particularly  a bastion of openness open but friendly with USA military it turns out.

“The 9th Royal Malay Regiment (para) and 8th Royal Ranger Regiment (para) have both conducted amphibious warfare training as a secondary mission, most recently in June during the CARAT exercise with the US Marine Corps (USMC)”

The significance is that Malaysia’s military will tell the US all sordid details – probably in realtime too.

A separate consideration is that the Malaysian military and ATC should not be able to get the world’s press off their backs for supposedly not tracking MH370 and not launching intercepting planes for the 30..40 minutes that Flight 370 apparently traverses across Malaysia both flying high and flying low.

The press (unless they forgive and forget) will know that the ATC controllers report anything unusual immediately to the military, and if not why not? So even if the Malaysian military units were asleep at the job, the alarm of opps MH370 has gone missing, any idea where it is? would have woken them up and into a high state of alertness.

So are the Malaysian military keeping some facts hidden? I would surmise that the worlds press is letting them keep the secrets secret. However there is no point in even digging any further for any truth with MH730 because if  Building 7 can be kept a secret to most and the 9/11 insiders can keep their dignified noses clean, then MH730 will always remain a mystery and the insider dealing will go unexplained.


About Wellington News

I found out what we viscerally all new all along when we saw the twin towers blowing up in front of our eyes. It just took a number of years to admit it. And a few more thinking about it before talking about. And now I find every one else is too.
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