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“Time to Unmask Mohammed”

“Time to Unmask Mohammed” by Geert Wilders To know why Islam is a mortal danger one must not only consider the Koran but also the character of Muhammad, who conceived the Koran and the entirety of Islam. The Koran is … Continue reading

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Broken bottles, the next 9/11 weapon

In the Dominion Post: I would like to thank Sean Plunket for his insightful article on Saturday November 6 regarding the insane approach by aviation security towards the travelling populace since 9/11. While our children are made to hand in … Continue reading

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Why 9-11 Truth Has Won – The Coming of the Flood

Why 9-11 Truth Has Won – The Coming of the Flood By Allen L. Jasson I recently wrote in MWC News arguing the case for Why 9-11 Truth Has Won, due primarily to the weight of irrefutable scientific proof … Continue reading

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