Building 7

World Trade Centre Build 7 (WTC 7) also known as “The Solomon’s Building” aka Building 7 was the third building to be destroyed on September 11th, 2001. It was a 47 story high steel frame building. The most salient question is; what caused Building 7 to fall at [1] freefall speeds for 8 stores? The building was not hit by any aeroplanes and there were no large raging fires. But yet it fell, fast and symmetrically into its own footprint. a few but limited fires.

Watch the 8 floors of free fall that starts off Building 7’s destruction:


Do the fires in the clip below look like they are endangering Building 7?


Did the fires you have just seen, cause 8 floors of free fall and the total destruction of Building 7, or not? That is the question, how can you find the answer?

First, what is freefall?

  • It’s not a speed, it’s an acceleration, an object getting fast and faster.
  • Free fall can only be obtained if there is nothing below a dropped object to slow it down.
  • More technically, it’s gravitational acceleration at 9.81 meters squared.

What then was holding Building 7 up?

Building 7 Typical floor plan


  • An exoskeleton of 57 steel columns.
  • Plus 22 steel columns for internal concrete clad lift shaft and fire escape stairwells.
  • In all a total of 79 steel columns plus concrete.


With reference to the above, the refined question being asked is?

What could simultaneous and symmetrical cause the removal of 57 external steel columns and 22 internal columns for lift shafts and fireproof stairwells?

There are two competing theories:

  1. Fire causing collapse.
  2. Demolition explosives causing collapse.

How can you evaluate these theories?

   By looking at the extent of damage to steel framed buildings after known fires.
   By looking at examples of successful and failed demolitions using explosives


A Look at building fires:


Al Tayer Tower 2012. I count 39 visible stores standing after the blaze. Click for Video

Windsor Building, 2005 Madrid. Burns for 24 hours. Click for Video

Jianye Building, 2013 in Yuexiu district China. Burns for 12 hours. Click for cell phone Video


Hotel Mandarin Oriental, 2009 Beijing. 40 stories burn overnight. Click for video


Building 7, 2001 New York. 8 scattered floors burn for 4 hours. Click for video


Building 7, 2001 New York. To the right shows what engineers would expect to be left afterwards, but bellow shows what was actually found aftwards. See WTC7 free fall video.



A Look at demolitions:


Some common demolition traits are:

  • Sudden onset
  • Symmetrical fall for a number of floors
  • Freefall speeds for a number of floors
  • Pulverisation of concrete and other materials
  • Thick dust clouds
  • Horizontal ejections


Remember the Build 7 destruction shows 8 floors of freefall (i.e. the gap on the left).

Red Road Flats, 2015 Glasgow. Look for the aprox 5 floors exploded on each tower block.

Building 7, 2001 New York. Side by side to known controlled demolitions.



Where is the integrity of the news reporters, engineers, architects… who know that there are glaring flaws in the NIST report into the collapse of Building 7, but fail to point them out?

Are those that promote the “conspiracy theory” meme i.e. conflating unrelated events together themselves guilty of perverting the course of justice by preventing open debate and analysis? Do you know someone who does this? If so, challenge them. Show them the evidence and given them a chance to stop protecting murderers.

[1] page 45, NIST NCSTAR 1A  Final Report on the Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7


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