Building 7 & CTV and PGG buildings Canterbury

New Zealander’s know that poor design, greed, and earthquakes caused the tragic collapse of both the CTV building and the PGG building in the Canterbury earthquake of 2011.

The pictures below compare the known collapses in Christchurch to the alleged collapse of Building 7 close to the Twin Towers on 911.

Building 7 compare to real pancake

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Who needs 80,000 FBI files on Saudi?

Even RT repeats the song, that the FBI has 80,000 files on Saudi families:

“The FBI is in possession of 80,000 files detailing possible support for the 9/11 hijackers received from a Saudi family, a new report states, while a former 9/11 Commission member says there is a strong link between the Saudis and the terrorist attacks.” 80,000 files on 9/11 stay hidden

Whatever the Saudi involvement, they did not stand down the American airforce, they did not mount the coordinated and sustained media disinformation campaign since then and continued in this latest farce. They did not lose “$2,300,000,000,000” from the Pentagon accounts. They did not lose the air traffic controller voice tapes. They did not lose the BBC tapes covering the BBC pre-announcing by twenty minutes the collapse of Building 7, which when it did fall, it fell with all the hallmarks of a controlled demolition.

We don’t need more evidence, what we need is justice.

“All truths being as Blasphemy” Burnad Shaw

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The Great Thermate Debate

On 9/11 the Twin Towers were brought down in a very unusual and novel way, never seen before. They were seen to collapse starting from points towards the top of the structures, with a collapsing wave accelerating down the tower, with strange puffs of smoke periodically bursting outwards on levels known to have structural reinforcements.

Evidence of the presence of nano Thermate/Thermite has long been known to be present in massive quantities in the 9/11 dust samples. But since criminals don’t step forwards and say “this is how we done it”. And since the military hides their tricks under the official secrets acts, it has taken a while before an engineer in their own time, and at their own expense, has used experimentational trial and error to discover the answers to the Great Thermate Debate. See the amazing step by step video below, too see how Thermate/Thermite can be used to cut steel beams.


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??? is an inside job – roger morris [REDACTED]

scan-911Omission-comic-1 2


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Another massive high-rise fire; no collapse, no surprise, no inside job here

Another example is shown here, as reported by Info Wars and other credible outlets:

“A massive blaze has engulfed the ‘Marina Torch’ skyscraper in Dubai, forcing hundreds of people to flee the 336-meter-high tower – one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. It took firefighters over two hours to bring the fire under control.

The fire initially started in the middle of the tower, rapidly spreading across some 15 floors, intensifying and reigniting with each gust of wind, according to photos and videos from the scene.”  – InfoWars :  compare this fire to building 7’s in photos below.

DubiaFire2 DubiaFire

Look at the clean up in the picture below, an up at the very top of the sky scraper, no “911 style collapse” here.DubiaFireAfter

Bellow are a few more full scale fires, that don’t cause collapse. Plus the pitifully small fires on World Trade Centre 7 (on the right)- that people in high places wish us to believe did cause a demolition style collapse at free fall speed on September 11th. Fires

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9/11: See the Evidence – The Exhibition


Where:Rotorua Convention Centre1170 Fenton St, Rotorua

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I was absolutely shocked what I read, calls to release secret 911 documents

Congressmen, reassure that there is nothing in the “blacked out text” that damages national security. i.e. they are not about to admit to planning 9/11 themselves, but I’m guessing that if Saudis do align away from the USA then Americans are going to learn that the terrorist in the planes mainly came from the Saudis – which anyone whom has study 9/11 in detail already knows.

After America admits the Saudi connection on mainstream mind wash TV, I don’t suppose they are going to apologies to Afghanistan and pay reparations for going for the wrong bad guys. Do you?

On the plus side. The Saudi revelation will be one layer off the onion removed, and clearly shows (again) that the central USA government is willing to lie and lie and lie again.


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