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A man who has changed his mind

FOX TV Host Geraldo Rivera is now supporting ae911Truth Advertisements

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And this one did not collapse…

And this one did not collapse… But this one did … The professional integrity of architects is being called into question as the truth of the 9/11 Demolitions unravels. Making an honest stand sooner will be all to … Continue reading

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Broken bottles, the next 9/11 weapon

In the Dominion Post: I would like to thank Sean Plunket for his insightful article on Saturday November 6 regarding the insane approach by aviation security towards the travelling populace since 9/11. While our children are made to hand in … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton gets a 9/11 Welcome

TV coverage of Wellingtonian’s 9/11 Truth movement was shown across the countries screens, showing the now famous “9/11 + Lies = WARS” banner, as inside the Bee Hive Hillary Clinton (an infamous Bildenburg Group member) watched over the signing of … Continue reading

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