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Which country would arrest Sir Winston Churchill?

I’m posting this because after 24 hours, I checked on the Website and find that they have ZERO coverage and ZERO search results for terms such as  “Paul Weston” and “Paul Weston Churchill”. (Updated BBC are now reporting it … Continue reading

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MH370 Conspiracy has one of the same signature as 9/11

The article below from Daily Reckoning is significant for two reasons: 1) In five years of my reading them, its the first direct admittance that the 9/11 “story” has a hole in it (this time a financial hole) – which … Continue reading

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Boycott spying Murdoch


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And this one did not collapse…

And this one did not collapse… But this one did … The professional integrity of architects is being called into question as the truth of the 9/11 Demolitions unravels. Making an honest stand sooner will be all to … Continue reading

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Broken bottles, the next 9/11 weapon

In the Dominion Post: I would like to thank Sean Plunket for his insightful article on Saturday November 6 regarding the insane approach by aviation security towards the travelling populace since 9/11. While our children are made to hand in … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton gets a 9/11 Welcome

TV coverage of Wellingtonian’s 9/11 Truth movement was shown across the countries screens, showing the now famous “9/11 + Lies = WARS” banner, as inside the Bee Hive Hillary Clinton (an infamous Bildenburg Group member) watched over the signing of … Continue reading

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Edifices were built differently

I write in reply to Miles Lacey (Letters, 4). The respected group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which has examined the file footage and rubble and has professional interest in building construction, comes to a very different and consistent … Continue reading

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