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MH370 Conspiracy has one of the same signature as 9/11

The article below from Daily Reckoning is significant for two reasons: 1) In five years of my reading them, its the first direct admittance that the 9/11 “story” has a hole in it (this time a financial hole) – which … Continue reading

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911 Truth VUW Conspiracy Course

VUW Conspiracy course: What is it all about? The get out of jail card for those whom committed the crimes of 911 is “conspiracy theory”. Any one whom uses the get of jail term “conspiracy theory” its is helping mafia … Continue reading

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“History Boys” films that corrupt

My conciseness used to be sucked up by a good film, drawn in the vortex of sounds, and moving images, spun around by the maelstrom of the story, but nowadays after being becoming aware that movies are one off the … Continue reading

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