Pentagon attack on 9/11

 Truth is Good for the World

179 killed at Pentagon on 9/11 (125 in the Pentagon and 54 on the alleged plane)

Possible Motive:On the day before 9/11

“$2,300,000,000,000 Missing” Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of Defense declared on national TV, that’s $8,000 for every man, women, and child in the USA


Next day, 9/11th

At 8:46 AM, hole in Tower 1 Hit by flight 11Tower1 Hole

At 9:03 AM, hole in Tower 2 Hit by flight 175Tower2 hole

At 9:37 AM, Pentagon hit – but by what ?

Pentagon Front

Truth is Good for the World

possible weapons

Boeing 757?

Wingspan of a Boeing 757


wingspan of a missile

Truth is Good for the World

Entry/exit wounds

Pentagon Entry wound

Petagon Entry:Exit wound

Approximate trajectory through the Pentagon

Pentagon Exit wound

Exit hole of projectile

Truth is Good for the World

round hole, square peg

Missile Round Hole - Square Peg Boeing757 front on

Pentagon front shortly after

Pentagon shortly after alleged 757 strike

Truth is Good for the World

The Pentagon’s west wing’s E-ring stood for 30 minutes.

Even after collapse does a 757 fit?

Does a 757 fit into Pentagon

Where is the damaged that should have been made by the wings?

Truth is Good for the World

does a missile fit?

Dose a misile fit onto Pentagon

A missile could have entered here without breaking all the windows and walls

Pristine grass after collapse

A missile could have flown over the grass, still leaving it in pristine condition, as shown after facade collapse. But an aeroplanes debris would be everywhere.

Truth is Good for the World

round hole, square peg – look at the damage

Missile Round Hole - Square Peg

Missile or plane damage

Missile damage.                                                   Or plane damage?

Make your own

Truth is Good for the World

missing & dubious evidence

Pentagon Frames1-5

In March 2002, 5 frames of video surveillance were released. All frames are displayed to the left and none of them show any signs of a 757 in them.

Pentagon Cameras

There are numerous cameras on and around the Pentagon that would have captured a 757 aircraft approaching, as so should have the video confiscated from neighbouring buildings by FBI agents.

No Camera saw this


Truth is good for the World

round hole, square peg – fireball + Id


          Alleged fireballs in frames 2..5.                       The student ID of alleged hijacker
shown to be intense enough                              Hani Hanjour ‘found’ in a
to incinerate passports.                                     recognisable condition.

   Consider too that frames 2..5
could be faked, hence the
pristine grass show

Truth is Good for the World

round hole, square peg – cockpits

Cessna v 757 cockpit

          Hani Hanjour had only trained                               Can you see a problem here?
on a single engined Cessna.

Murder Investigation

round hole, square peg – flight paths

Pentagon 757 flightpath

The official story’s flight path taken                      Why would an Islamic suicide pilot
by the alleged 757 and flown                                   pass up a more direct approach
by an amateur pilot.                                                    to crash into the pentagon?

Truth is Good for the World

made your mind up?

Missile or plane damage

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7 Responses to Pentagon attack on 9/11

  1. says:

    Nice lay out …for a curious mind …it makes you wonder …for a curious mind.

  2. Re the Pentagon I agree with Barbara Honegger’s advice, that in her opinion, the evidence is simply not there that a 757 plane hit the pentagon”. However, her important message is “that if we want a consensus approach in the 9/11 truth movement going forward, there is overwhelming evidence that there were explosions from inside the Pentagon on 9/11 before the alleged plane hit the pentagon 6 minutes earlier. Therefore, you don’t need to address the controversy of whether a plane hit the pentagon or not.” More information here….

    • Barbara Honegger’s does go onto say in her video, 33:38 “in my opinion the evidence is simply not there that a 757 of any kind hit the Pentagon, in my opinion”.

      There is truth, and there is deeper truth. It is enough to know that the international news media has coordinated a lie about 9/11 and is not calling for a murder inquiry to be launched into the mass murders of 9/11. People go through a journey, and the start of that journey is the most important. 1st from picture evidence they can deduce for themselves that no 757 hit. Then if they take it further, they can find out about the per-explostions and the deeper evidence given by witness, which I sincerely hope that they take the time an effort to do so.

  3. Harry P. Niss says:

    If a missile hit the Pentagon instead of a 757 loaded with fuel, where did the ball of flames come from at impact? Do missiles carry fuel that would cause such a fireball?

    • I note how you accurately observe a “ball of flames”. Two aeroplane wings of fuel flung headlong into a wall would not produce that nice evenly expanding single “ball of flames” you mention. You can observe how the planes hitting the 911 towers did not produce “balls of flames” but irregular cauliflowers of fire.

      Although missiles only have relatively small fuel tanks, they do carry explosives. The fireballs they produce are quite ball like in shape.

      Thank you for your observation.

    • Good question. What is real, what is unreal. There were no semi-hemispherical balls of flame in either of the two twin tower impacts. What is going on?

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